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The Navigation based on JavaScript and Cascarding Style Sheet.  JavaScript should be activated in your Webbrowser, otherwise you can not swith between the individual subject areas. Blog programs like "ZoneAlarm" or "Pop Up Blogger" can also cause faults in the navigation. Please, deactivate Blog Progams. Planet Kerry is a safe side and you can activate JavaScript without any doubts.

Netscape, Mac and Linux Useres:

Please Download a Java PlugIn for your Webbrowser. Netscapeuser under Version 6 will may have problems with CSS and Framesets.

What if the navigation still doesn't work?

Close your Web browser and call the requested side once more. If you shouldn't be able to use the navigation again, Ctrl & Refresh selects in your browser.

How do I use the navigation and how do I get to the individual sides?

If you click in the navigation on the right Frame,  the navigation drives itself down and you can change between the single Topics.

(E.g. picture left)
Selectly the "Solar System" topic. The Internet page and the navigation is loaded newly according to the subject area.

If you click into the navigation now again, the main topics like in the example "Sun, Mercury, Venus etc. will open. Now klick with your Mouse for example on "Moon" and you will come to the Information about the Moon.

If you want to change, do it the way again. For the Main-Topics this Internet Site refreshed  completely special to the subject area.

If you have any problems with the Navigation or this Website please Mail me or use the Feedback Form.